Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I had a love affair with Pinterest

I had a love affair with Pinterest when my twins first came home from the hospital.  I can recall that first night when my sister in law stayed up to feed the boys while Michael and I got some much needed rest after a harrowing week in the hospital (a post for another time).  That morning she showed me that she'd passed the hour between feedings on her phone browsing Pinterest (with twins if you're feeding takes about an hour and you're feeding every two, you aren't getting any sleep).  From then on when I wanted needed to escape for 5 minutes or was pumping...I was on Pinterest.  While my life was consumed with feedings, washing, rocking, pumping, diaper changing and pleading for sleep, posting pins to my Pinterest boards kept me sane.  It was where I put all the things I would do once life wasn't so hard.  Fast forward a year and some odd months and I now have a LOT of pins with very little organization because I had vague board titles like "food to try" (this particular board has 284 pins).  

At this point we get a lot more sleep than we did back then (which is not to say we get a lot of sleep, just a lot more than back then - an important point to clarify).  So I've decided to tackle organizing my Pinterest finds into more specific categories and get started on some of the less involved pins I have.

What are your methods to organizing your Pinterest account?  This post is pre-Pinterest organization so I'm hoping to get some great feedback on how to tackle this project!

  More later.

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