I am a working Mom of twin 13 month old boys. I manage my boys, my career, our house, senior parent care, our pets...our mayhem.   I am fortunate to work in a home office as a grant manager for a state agency overseeing conservation grants on private lands.  I am the wife of a wonderful man who's a vet, daughter to two great parents who are in their 70s and have recently moved to our property to be close, spend time with the boys and for our assistance as they get older. I struggle to keep all the balls in the air and will use this blog to post things that might help other Moms manage the mayhem.  

We live rural (though my roots are urban), I could be called semi-crunchy, though my husband would not be (which can add complications) We live with our 4 canine family members, 2 rescue horses and a senior pony.   I stress over nutrition, chemical exposure, etc....but try to live a modified life.  I will rarely post things I create (who would have time living my life?)  But instead post tidbits and whatnot's and most importantly, I will post things from others that worked great for me in all areas of life from feeding toddlers nutritious foods, to well anything :)  I am also hoping to rely on readers for advice and suggestions!  So speak up but please don't be too negative, this is intended to replace the coffee clutch of days gone by where wives tales and genuine wisdom were shared.  

Why the title "On the Fence Mom"?  Because I'm 37 and have lived all of my adult life around career, travel and non-kid people.  Since having the boys I still struggle to see myself wholly in the kid-person camp.  Which is not to say I don't LOVE THESE LITTLE RASCALS with all my heart and soul!  I also hope to have posts from friends from time to time who also live life "On the Fence". So grab a cup of coffee, read some and weigh in!

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