Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So this is post 1

The launch pad. 

 It seems introductions are in order.  

Below is my family. 2 little monkeys, Liam and Henry and my patient husband.  Oh, and Hope, the boy's pony.  The monkeys are 13 months and have turned our once quiet life upside down.  I'd be lying if I didn't say that we sometimes think longingly of the peaceful life we had 13 & 1/2 months ago...but we wouldn't change the toy strewn living room and sippy cup filled dishwasher for ANYTHING.  It's just hard sometimes.  Especially for people who had NO kid experience prior to these two storming our lives. So let me tell you, twins are HARD.  Worth it of course, goes without saying...but HARD.  And working full time while managing the house, being Mom and dealing with senior parents with health issues is REALLY hard.  But I know we are blessed to have family.

So that's my family.  

I work as a conservation grant manager for the state.  I've gotten an undergrad degree in agriculture and a masters degree in wildlife ecology.  I love the idea of making stuff for ourselves and employing methods that reduce our impact on the planet and our bills.  I thought a lot about it and I'm not "crunchy" or really even "semi-crunchy" but rather I would consider myself "trying to be crunchy".  My husband is not crunchy.  Give him cream of mushroom soup from a can and a box of hamburger helper and disposable diapers.  OK.  I guess you are probably thinking from that sentence that I should be happy right? I mean I've told you my husband cooks and isn't afraid of changing a diaper.  Which is awesome considering he would be classified a "man's man" by all accounts.  He's a large animal vet.  Who likes farming and ranching and building log cabins with his hands.  So I am grateful.  Especially because despite his preferences he stuffs cloth diapers and uses them.   We're still working on the cream of mushroom soup.

My goals in life are to provide my family with healthy whole foods, become financially smart, continue to grow what we lovingly call "our homestead" and to raise my boys in a safe and healthy mostly outdoor environment.  My struggles are juggling it all, finding time for me, finding ways to eliminate processed foods, working our family budget toward a debt free state...and getting a full night's sleep.

More later.

Thanks for visiting!


PS - the photo in the background is where we live.   That's me standing out there looking down on our house in the distance.  We are blessed.

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  1. So glad you're blogging again!!! Great post too!