Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fantasy

Another gorgeous spring day here in Central Texas.  Big puffy clouds and the first of the wildflowers blooming.  This is trail riding weather.  Sadly, I sold my riding horse when I got pregnant with the twins.  No, I did not dump my beloved pet when the kids came along.  He was suffering from a skin condition that was very manageable when we lived at our old home but when we moved to our new place and built our home the new horse pasture is located right next to a body of water that is bisected by property lines and the flies he is allergic to run rampant.  Making for a very uncomfortable pony.  He has since gone to live in a barn where he is treated, pampered and loved by a surgeon's daughter.  

Image borrowed from
The Texas Farmers Daughter
But I miss having a trail riding horse most especially during the lovely late winter and spring days here.  

Our family is on a get out of debt 3 year plan, loosely based around the Dave Ramsey debt snowball plan.  I'll post more about that another time but I mention it here to say that in 3 years we hope to break ground on a large barn/shop.  I figure that's about when the boys will be less work a little more independent and that might be a good time to look for another saddle horse. 

 So today's Friday Fantasy is of sunny skies, a shady barn, miles of dirt trails, the smell of sweaty horses, leather, pony saddles, and trail riding with my little guys someday in the future.  

Of fat, happy ponies and bareback riding.  

Sweet, Old, Patient Bob
Long since crossed over the rainbow bridge.
Of hay. 

Of nickers in greeting.

Of barn life & all things barn related. 

More later.

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