Monday, February 11, 2013

More Intros

So our family is run these days by 2, 21 inch tyrants.  They dominate our world....and we love it.  But it's hard.  From the moment I hear my alarm in the morning at 5:45 I am already behind (that alarm being either little Henry crying or little Liam chattering).  From that moment forward I am scurrying.  I feel like I get a whole day's work done before I land in my seat for work at 8am.

And I have help too.

Their Dad is a real Man's Man as I've mentioned but he jumps in with breakfast and bottles and dog feeding and laundry before he leaves at 8:30 for work.  I guess you'd call it a modern family but that's a bit funny since we pride ourselves on having old fashioned values.  For us, we call it survival.  And the two ladies that rotate days looking after the little ones in our home while I work came straight from Heaven to our front door.  They've been priceless and love the little buggers as much as we do.

This was back when they would allow spoon feeding, not so anymore!

Lately my parents have had health complications that have become 1/3 of the workload on my plate.  I'm told we're the "Sandwich Generation", and it makes sense.  Now, they are vibrant fit people but age has a way of catching you off guard I guess.  It caught us off guard when a straight forward heart procedure to cure afib for my father developed complication after complication and resulted in nights sleeping on the pull out chair in his ICU room to checking in at the nursing home at 6am and 7pm and in between to make sure he was getting what he needed, to multiple trips to the ER.  He went in a fit person and expected to be hitting golf balls at the end of the week and one month later found himself  in a nursing home in a very weakened condition.  But thankfully he's home now and on the mend.   

It's been a long road and takes a toll on all involved.  My mother, wore herself out trying to keep up with all the health mess and hospital trips and finds herself ill. They will both mend of course and God willing be running the little tyrants around on their golf cart by late spring.  But it has been a long road.

Leaving me putting my own goals aside again for a while and neglecting some important relationships.  Sigh.  But grateful to have my parents in my life and my kids lives.

So that's a little more intro or more of an update.  Scattered throughout this post are pictures taken by a local photographer last November.  I want to make sure I give her the praise and credit she deserves because these pics are fantastic.  Her website is Grace Photography , be sure to check her out!

More later.

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