Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yummy Picky Toddler Recipe

Toddlers are picky.  

That's the rule I'm told, and by average standards my little guys have a varied pallet according to the 2 Grandmothers who babysit while I work.  But they were preemies and they're still small so while I'm OK with that because I know they'll grow at their own pace...I worry when they refuse most protein day after day.    I use the yogurt bites I blogged about earlier to finish every meal so they're getting that, but otherwise they're not keen on meat or eggs.  Even with ketchup.  Even with cheese.  Weird right?  I mean are these even my kids?  I've always said if you put cheese or chocolate on dirt I'd probably eat it.  I know there are other great sources of protein and they do get a lot of veggies, beans and dairy.  But  I was still searching.

So when a recipe for 2 ingredient pancakes crossed my path I latched on.  It's eggs and banana.  That's it.  I finally found a way to get protein packed eggs into the little buggers.  They LOVE pancakes so I topped these with some honey and we had a home run.  

I had to cut them off.  No joke.  

PLUS it's simple enough that I don't mind fixing it in the morning.

I did add the cinnamon and vanilla it suggests as options so I guess mine were 4 ingredient pancakes, but whatever.  They were good and they were easy.

So without further ado, I give you  banana eggs ...2 Ingredient Pancakes from Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth.

More later.

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