Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday Madness in Pictures

So Sunday madness in pictures is a day late..... because Mama had the day off!!!!  That's right.  Completely dependent free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To make the most of this gem of a day I scooted out of the house before dawn.  Daddy and his family had baby patrol for the whole day.  I did feel bad about missing church but this was a much needed mental break.

I headed to Bryan/College Station for some me time and breakfast at the Village Cafe in Bryan.  I hadn't been there before but  I read on The Lone Star Chick's blog that it was a great place.  She wasn't lying.  The quiche was amazing.  

So after indulging in coffee and a paperback I had some shopping to do.  I hit Old Navy for the boy's St. Patty's day shirts, Target...for fun, Ross, the mall and then settled in at Sweet Eugene's with crepes and a coffee to work for hours on a shutterfly album of the boy's first year.  Finally right?  I mean they're only 14 months old already and not a single printed picture although there are thousands including 4 sets of professionally taken ones.

OK.  So after hours of working on it I had gotten their birthday done.  I mean they're entrance to the world day, not their 1st.  Yeah, it takes me a while to work on photo albums.

Then I missed my guys and drove home.  Nice right?

More later.

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