Saturday, February 16, 2013

Double Stuffed....not the cookie

So around our house "double stuffed" doesn't mean the cookie, it means an overnight cloth diaper.  

We made the decision to cloth diaper our twins for a few reasons.  For me I liked the idea of not using the disposables all the time b/c of the chemicals used to make them.  I also liked the idea that hopefully, despite the additional water used for laundry, I was decreasing our environmental footprint.   My husband's reason for being OK with this is my third reason...cost savings.  Twins are expensive.  Anywhere we could safely cut a cost w/o compromising their care we took it.   

There are a zillion ways to cloth diaper these days and I confess to not doing too much research.  I knew I needed something as close to a disposable in convenience as possible because I had hubby, Grandparents, Uncles, and babysitters that would be helping.  And of course, we do everything twice so simple is best.

We went with  bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper pockets.  I will not attempt to give any lessons in cloth diapering here, there are plenty online.  We went with the pockets b/c I had read they got clean a bit better than the all-in-ones.  I did not test that so can't say if it's true.  We went with the one size so our investment would last longer even though it meant we couldn't use them at first because our little guys were preemies.

Do we ever use disposables?  Yes.  We use them when traveling.  I know it's not that hard to use cloth diapers with a wet-bag on the road but we go with disposable for various reasons (less to carry since twins require twice the gear on the road, etc.)

Becuase we have the wonderful Texas sun I don't have to go through all the extra rinses most people need when cloth diapering.  A day in the sun gets all stains and lingering odor out leaving the diapers smelling of fresh air.  It's a bonus of living in a hot climate.  

For laundry soap I use a homemade recipe originally shared by a friend and then adapted for large batches to match the one Risa posted a while back on The Mommy Dialogues. I add a few drops of orange oil to my soap for some scent and use vinegar and tea tree oil in the rinse for fabric softner and additional antibacterial properties.

Do you cloth diaper?  Share your story/thoughts/comments!

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  1. I'm so glad you cloth diapered and shared your experience with me. Diapers have been purchased and this is one area I feel really confident. I'll have to get your soap recipe and other tips this summer, when I actually have a little tush to diaper. In the meantime I should probably actually learn how to diaper at all.

  2. Jen, you can practice around here anytime!