Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fantasy

It's a gorgeous spring day (yes, I know it's mid February but this is Central Texas).  It's making me yearn for camping.  So this Friday's fantasy is of someday buying and fixing up an RV.  Think "Glamping" a la Mary Jane's Farm...

...meets 2 little boys and a pack of dogs.  (so change the decor from flowers, frills and lace to camo, plaid and dog hair)

I will design and decorate it to be fun and all things little boys.  We will have so much fun as a family outfitting it and setting it up to be perfect just for us.  I will keep it stocked and ready to go so we can load it up on a moment's notice.  I'll even work more on my pintrest board for camping just so I have handy camp food recipes. 

Since Michael isn't really running calls anymore he's taken the vet box out of the truck but left the super accessible cover on which makes it perfect for camping storage.  PLUS we once invested in a blow up mattress just for the bed of that truck.  

We will start out small.  Weekend fishing trips to Newman's Bottom or Lake Somerville.  Working our way up to long trips as the boys get older.  

We'll visit family in Colorado and spend time camping and volunteering at Best Friends Animal Society Sanctuary in Utah.  We will learn to fly fish.  We will hike miles.  We'll have campfires.  Michael will perfect his Dutch oven cooking.

We'll decorate the outside with bumper stickers from all the national parks as we visit them. Starting with Big Bend.

That's my fantasy for this Friday.

More later.

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