Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Yummy, Easy Graham Crackers

Weelicious Graham Cracker Recipe

So as the boys get older everyone wants to feed them those simple but spectacular life indulgences...sweets. I am not opposed to sweets of course and liberally use honey and fruit to enhance foods I feed the boys.  But it seems loved ones want to feed them more typical indulgences like cookies.  Now I love a good cookie as much as anyone so no argument in concept from me.  However, I do try to minimize processed foods.  

So I went looking for a cookie recipe that would satisfy those who wanted the pleasure of indulging the boys and my wish to avoid the additives.  Enter the Weelicious Graham Cracker recipe.  Who doesn't love graham crackers right?  And they're mainstream enough to not raise suspicions from those who regard my food choices with doubt as to their flavor since they are usually "healthy" foods..  OK.  I will agree that some of my attempts are recipes found online that are healthy and good for you fell far from the mark in palatability.   

But not these little gems.  

Bite for bite they measure up and surpass the flavor of their store bought namesakes.  I even caught my husband opening the jar for a late night snack. YES!  He is my measuring stick.

So without further delay, I give you the Weelicious Graham Cracker.   My only change to the recipe was to lightly sprinkle them with raw sugar before baking.

They're simple to make and you'll never want the store bought cardboard ones again!  

Note:   I broke my food processor a month or so ago and am holding out for the one recommended by America's Test Kitchen, which is pricey.  So I did these by hand and I am no pastry chef or any kind of chef and it was still easy and they turned out terrific.  Also, I used the convection setting on my oven but the recipe doesn't call for that so either way will work out fine.  I cut mine out in hearts for Valentine's Day but you could do anything with them.

The taste testing duo
As I do not claim any credit I will not post the recipe here.  Just click the links in blue above or below and you'll be directed to the creator's site.

Once again, Weelicious comes through!

More later.

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