Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friday Fantasy

A barn. 

OK.  Yes, I could probably have something in the way of a barn right now.  And you might also argue that I do have a barn.  Right on both accounts.  BUT, the beautiful log barn I have is a one stall deal (my husband's way of sending me the "keep it to one horse" message - hah!).  Yes, we could afford to build something of a full barn now, but we are doing the Dave Ramsey debt snowball and have a lot left to go before we can get to the barn.  Plus, I will be fussy with my barn.  Probably fussier than I was with building our house.

So my someday barn is this week's late Friday Fantasy.  Below are some pins I've tacked in Pinterest for the "someday" barn.  The "someday" barn will have dutch doors.  I love dutch doors.  I think my hubby plans to make it in the same cord-wood building style he is using on the chicken house complete with arches on the doors.  

Won't that kind of wood and wall look fantastic with a horsey head sticking through?  Someday.  The rest are just barns I like!

and this is how the front and back door will be (arched and split) 

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More later.

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