Monday, March 18, 2013

There is Beauty in Simplicity

Just pulled 2 large trays of Maple Toasted Almonds and Oats out of the oven.  Perfection.  I will never buy a cardboard box of breakfast cereal again.  Best part?  I think the mister will agree!  This is so simple it takes me back to my constant question "What did people do for __ before __?"  Another "duh" moment.  I am chewing this stuff as I type.  It's fantastic.  Also, it's CHEAP and you know EXACTLY what's in it.  

SIMPLE + CHEAP + WHOLE FOODS = A fantastic recipe I HAVE to share.

OK.  Here it is.  From a great food blog, Barefeet in the Kitchen I give you Maple Toasted Almonds and Oats.

My suggestions?  Get a large sack of old fashioned oats from the bulk section of your favorite healthy foods store and order a bulk supply of maple syrup.  OK, the maple syrup suggestion is just in keeping with my plans to convert our pantry (see previous post) and because I've been back and forth just today with the guru at Flying Pony Farm about a bulk strawberry order and the order we're going to place from Lown Family Maple Syrup in Michigan when it's ready.  Note:  I have not purchased from the Lown Farm before but the guru at Flying Pony Farm does annually.  So it has to be great.

Then, mix up a batch of Maple Toasted Almonds and Oats and enjoy it with your favorite fresh fruits in milk or perhaps over some ice cream.  YUM.   I added a bit of melted butter to the recipe because I firmly believe that everything is better with butter.


More later.

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  1. This sounds awesome! I usually have cereal or a smoothie for breakfast so I will definitely give this a try. It would also be great with my plain Chobani yogurt.

  2. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, Arlene! Thanks for linking back to my recipe. Have a blessed day.